Ukraine – Codicote Responds

With the stark reminders to us on a daily basis of the current turmoil in Ukraine, I thought it a good time to let the residents of Codicote know how the village is responding to help those in need. It has been, quite simply, amazing.

When the invasion of Ukraine by Putin first began, Mark Knapper and his family were immediately worried sick for the safety of their good friends in Kiyv. He contacted them to offer refuge, if needed, and they responded within minutes to say yes – not only for them, but, if possible for two friends as well.

Mark mentioned this in The Goat that evening, and suddenly, Codicote erupted. People began to contact him offering rooms, clothes, toys, anything, just to help. That was only a month ago, and we have now been able to make plans for 18 people to come to Codicote from all over Ukraine: a mother and son, another mother with two children, a young pregnant lady, a family of 6, another family whose young daughter urgently needs medical attention – the list goes on.

And we have offers from across the village, of food, money, childcare, transport, haircuts, everything, in fact, that our guests could need. We’ve managed to arrange school places, doctors, jobs and even, we think, Ukrainian interpreters. The people of Codicote should be enormously proud of themselves.

But the job is far from over. So many people need our support, and the requests come in every day. So more is still needed – CAN YOU HELP?? It doesn’t have to be a big thing – small, everyday items and activities will be just as important and valuable.  If you can, please contact your parish councillor, and they will pass your details on. And, in advance, thank you.

Councillor Arthur South