Codicote Parish Council is made up of 10 councillors who are elected for a 4 year period. Our next elections are due in May 2022. Codicote is warded with eight councillors representing the Village ward and two Councillors representing Codicote East ward.

Below are the members of Codicote Parish Council, their wards and the committees they sit on.

Village Ward

Mike Kane

Council (chair), Policy & Resources (chair), Environment

Colin Argent

Council (vice chair), Environment, Policy & Resources, Recreation

Peter Bexton

Council, Environment, PMH Representative

Jim Bundy

Council, Recreation

Georgia Gilbert

Council, Environment, Planning

Caroline Mayger

Council, Environment, Recreation

Robert Shergold

Council, Recreation (chair), Planning, Policy & Resources

Arthur South

Council, Environment

East Ward

Russell Green

Council, Environment, Planning

Caroline Tinner

Council, Planning (chair), Recreation

As required by law and in accordance with the Localism Act, a copy of the Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI) of the Parish Councillors is available on the North Herts District Council website.

Clerk to the Council

Simon Crosier

Clerk to the council

Tom Brindley

Assistant to the Clerk

County Councillor

Cllr Richard Thake

District Councillors

Codicote – Cllr Ian Moody

Knebworth and Codicote – Cllr Mandi Tandi

Knebworth and Codicote – Cllr Lisa Nash